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Signs your boyfriend wants to leave

Signs your boyfriend wants to leave

Love is indeed a beautiful thing nearly all of us will agree, for this reason; we wish love will last forever. But truth be told, reality happens. Sometimes we get some signs that the person we are in a relationship with is no longer into us, and God have mercy!

 The mind game, guesses, speculations, sometimes the sleepless nights and worries that follows such realization. If you are in a relationship with someone who is blunt and straight forward, you may not need to worry much, just summon the courage and ask him what is up with him, tell him what you have noticed and talk things out. But what if you are dealing with a complete opposite? The type that will rather leave you to figure things out yourself and make a decision. or the worst type, what if he is trying to keep you on the side while he ‘test other waters?’ Bad!!!

So I present to you some six things you should look out for if you are in this situation. But mind you, you must not be in a hurry to nail him or allow your feelings of insecurity to overwhelm you.

1. He now call you less often than before: well, maybe he is busy, yea, works get tougher, schedule tighter, things now very hectic. Calling you less should not really be an issue if he there are convincing reasons. But what happens each time you call him? Does he appreciate your calls or he is somehow irritated, so much that you feel like an intruder, you ask him questions and he snaps or brush aside things he normally explain to you in the past. My sis, watch out, there is a great possibility that something is really going on but you just don’t know it yet.

2. He seems distant and uninterested when with you: Ok, after you have complained so much, he finally agrees to spend time with you. But how was the date? He was distant. The once upon a time exciting dude is now sitting with you and you almost can’t feel him. Something is definitely wrong, that may be his own way of telling you he is no longer interested in you or the relationship.

3. You can no longer connect with him: before now, you easily share your mind with him, but these days, you can hardly talk to him, each time you try to talk, it is always like there is a wall between you two, a barrier you are unable to break. That may be your gut talking to you. But we will soon get to the gut part.

4. He rarely get angry with you even when you are wrong: Before this moment, there are some things you avoid because they piss him off, but now, even when you do those things, he is not moved, it is like a normal thing. You really need to watch. There are two things involved, it is either he has learnt to accommodate your faults or he no longer cares about you so you can no longer hurt him or piss him off. “People who mean little can only hurt a little”.

5. He is no longer interested in knowing what is happening in your life: Need I say much on this? He used to be your friend, your companion, but now you feel lonely, of course there are people around, but none you can really share these things with. You miss him, but he is not there, you are tired of trying to make him listen, to care about you, to listen to what is on your mind. My sis, it is possible you are the only person left in that relationship. Just wake up already.

6. Your gut instinct: someone said the best advice you can get is from your gut instinct. If you strongly feel it deep down within you that something is not right, then something is definitely wrong somewhere, something you need to check before you discover you have been alone and you did not know it.

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