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Road to Being a Musical Legend

Written by Mc Busta

Do you know, in the world today everyone tries to work perfectly, in other to attain a certain height, In there chosen craft or career? In the music industry today we have different kind of artist that exist, some are short time act, some are one-hit act, why we have those who associate more with longevity (Legend).

Being a musical Legend is not by the followers, awards won, or talent. Attaining a legend status takes more than talent, attaining the legendary status you must be talented and be ahead of the pack, these distinct features explain a Legend.

Distinct Style: No one becomes a legend hiding behind the shadow of another success, in a rare sense, legends are pacesetters, brave and hardworking. A legend transforms an existing genre of music in style or expression, even the upcoming artist desires.

Influence: To become a Legend, you should influence society with your music, not just your music, your lifestyle. A legendary music should be a voice also relatable to both the old and young, just like the legendary 2baba Innocent Utah Idibia Popularly known as 2baba.

Consistency: To become a legend, you must be consistent, prolific and unswerving in style, your voice and what you stand for, it keeps you distinctly different from your counterparts. A legend is unflinching influence crossing over generations, reaching both old and young by virtue of their consistency
These features are key if you must tread the part of legendary.


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